Senior Picture Checklist


Graduation is coming up and your Senior picture day is almost here! Here are some tips to make sure you're picture perfect for your senior photos:


  • Schedule any appointments for any touch-ups you need days before (not the day before), i.e. haircuts, manicures, etc.
  • I suggest making manicures simple, like a French manicure, this will have a classic look for when you're viewing these images in the future.


  • All outfits you are bringing need to be clean and free of wrinkles. If you bring something that has a bunch of wrinkles or lots of pilling in the material - like cotton shirts - we may not be able to use them as it does not photograph well.
  • Here's some tips on how to avoid pilling on your outfit



  • Gather all your shoes, accessories, props, and stylings of any kind in one place a day or two before so you're not too frazzled the day of with last minute preparations.


  • Double check your hair and makeup appointment and if you are running a few minutes behind, give your stylist a heads up.

OUTFIT CHOICES:  After graduation you'll be moving on to bigger and better things, you'll grow and change. You'll want to remember everything about this time in your life while you were in high school. Your senior portraits should highlight the best parts of your high school life. Contrasting outfits for your senior session will be great for your images and will showcase different parts of your personality to remember forever.

  • For ladies I suggest having at least one flowy outfit (i.e. dress or skirt), movement is great in pictures and we can have lots of fun with it!
  • A mix of accessories can be helpful, we can look at them with your outfits to see which looks best with each
  • Any hats, scarves (depending on the season), bags, or any other props that will make you stand out and speak to your personality are important to bring and photograph well.
  • Showcase those things you love to do! Bring anything that highlights sports related memorabilia, musical elements, or any other props that speak to things you are into.


  • This is as important as the shoot itself! Resting up the night before will make sure there aren't any heavy bags under the eyes and will ensure you are at your best for all your images. I'll need your help for ideas the day of, a restful sleep makes ideas come alive.


  • I will be bringing snacks and water for us the day of your shoot, but believe it or not, it takes your body a couple days to get fully hydrated if you haven't been drinking enough water. Avoiding heavily salted food will also help hydration as well as preventing any bloating that can make clothing feel uncomfortable. Make sure to drink lots of water so you're well hydrated will make sure our session is the most fun and comfortable for you!

TIME TO SHINE! Preparing for your Senior photo session will ensure the best possible experience so we can capture the best you. And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact your photographer, they are here to help!