Top 10 Christmas Gifts You Can Travel With

Tis the season for braving the cold and the stores for your holiday shopping! If you're like me and traveling this holiday season, you either need to ship your gifts or purchase gifts that will travel well. Here are some gift ideas that you can get right here in San Antonio from one of my new favorite boutiques or order online!

I've been looking for the perfect San Antonio boutique to be a stop for my Christmas shopping for a little while now; the result led me to one of my favorite San Antonio boutiques located in Almos Park, Feliz Modern. Before then I only followed them (and drooled) via Instagram. Their store is like their Instagram feed, fun and bright!

Besides the menagerie of items in this shop, the light, bright, and colorful vibe really sucks you in! I instantly fished for a shopping basket and went to work...

What I found were 10 gifts ideas perfect for traveling during the holidays and thought I'd share:

#1. Corkcicle Canteens


Who doesn't love colorful water bottles?? This Corkcicle Canteen is practical AND beautiful! It's stainless steel, the opening is big enough for ice cubes (clutch!), it's also NOT plastic so it lasts a heck of a lot longer, and BPA & Lead free so it's a gift that's good for the environment. A bonus is the bottom is non-slip, with a rubber grippy-thing (I think they should patent that name) that doesn't make noise EVERY-TIME you set it down. With it's triple insulation, it'll keep your colds cold for up to 24 hrs and your hots for up to 12 (take that, YETI). Now the only difficulty is choosing which color!

#2. Woven Baskets


A huge trend I've seen in 2017 is these woven baskets... they're so versatile, beautiful, and organic, the perfect gift for your girlfriend or mom who likes vintage. I've seen these woven baskets all over Pinterest holding keys, watches, and other items you can store when you walk through the door, as well as people hanging them on the wall! The great thing about these baskets from Feliz Modern is they already come with the hanger on the back so you can hang them on your wall without drill a hole through the middle!


#3. Animal Menagerie Kit


I'm a mom who grew up in the 80s so I had a super analog life but was introduced to computers and electronics in my teenage years... I feel like I have a pretty good balance with my daughter, she watches a little T.V. (mostly educational), and occasionally will play some word or counting games on her Kindle. With that said, we love getting her toys that challenge her mind without all the wires and plug-ins. This gift is perfect for the child who loves arts and crafts and coloring. It's the Animal Menagerie Kit and its self-proclaimed slogan, "Fine art meets funky fauna" really caught my attention. Then after your child has finished, it becomes a piece of artwork your child can be proud of that all fits together! 

#4. Glitterville Ornaments


So, I did say these gifts would travel well, I chose these ornaments carefully. I'm not about to buy a breakable, glass ornament to throw in my suitcase to go underneath the plane. These are made with a durable wood and made by Stephen Brown, the other, television personality, and creator of Glitterville, where everyday is a holiday! This whimsical creation will make your tree sparkle and its organic feel will be the perfect gift for those crunchy moms out there!

#5. Erica Maree Bags


I love this designer from Mexico, and living in San Antonio, I've grown to love all the exotic colors and flavors around me that seem to spill over into every facet of the culture here, including the fashion and accessories! This little bag by Erica Maree is the perfect example of that flavor and any of her totes, handbags, wristlets, or wallets would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves colorful and bright accessories. Check out Erica Maree's website to find more finds, including her clothing and full line of accessories. 

#6. Funky Pocket Mirror


These Smarty Pants products aren't your grandmother's pocket mirrors, these are edgy, and and modern. With phrases like, "Check yourself before you wreck yourself", it lends itself to a certain generation. Okay, maybe only teenagers listening to rap in the 90s would get the reference, but if you do, it's hilarious and fun! These are great for stocking stuffers you're traveling with during the Christmas season and stow away easily in your purse if you're traveling with this gift... make sure you buy one of these mirrors for yourself too or you'll regret it.

#7. Harry Barker Gourmet Doggy Treats


This one's for all the dog lovers out there! We don't want to forget our 4-legged friends this holiday season and if you have dog loving friends or family members like I do (I mean, some of them are obsessed), they'll really appreciate this gift for their canine! People who are true dog lovers will treat this as you giving a gift to their child, it'll give you tons of friend (or family) points this Christmas gift giving season for sure! Who doesn't need extra points with people?? These canine approved Harry Barker treats are sure to impress with every dog's favorite treat flavors, chicken pot pie and peanut butter! They come neatly wrapped in a rustic cotton canvas with drawstring closure and are baked in the U.S.A. 

#8. Meri Meri Kid Accessories


This doesn't have to be specific and there are so many shops to choose from, but I LOVE these little accessories by Meri Meri and are perfect for the mom with little girls who like to dress up. The ones I chose were distributed (all the items you see in this blog) by Feliz Modern a San Antonio boutique chalked full of party accessories, gifts, and decor. But if you don't live in San Antonio, Meri Meri's online store is sure to please with its modern, fun, boutique style accessories!

#9. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge


For all the dapper dads out there looking to step up their game, I give you the Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge. This hip gift comes in a super safe box surrounded with cushion - if you wanted to be even safer and checking your bag, surround the box with clothing- will be sure to impress with its sleek look as well as practical use. It's also crowd pleaser to break out during parties. Say goodbye to watered down whiskey sipping and hello to your favorite chilled spirit! First you place the silicone wedge form over the top of the glass until it snuggly fits. Then slowly pour the water through the wedge. You place the glass on a flat surface in your freezer and place in the freezer for 3+ hours. Then you carefully remove and put your favorite spirit in it! Who's a fabulous friend, dedicated daughter, and wonderful wife...? YOU ARE!

#10. Gift Cards to any of these shops!!!

Okay, there's no cool picture to go with this one because you can literally get a gift card from any of these shops. So, if you love these items, don't want to pack a bunch of gifts, and still want to give cool boutique style presents, why not just get a gift card from any one of these places to support small businesses during the holiday season? If you don't want to scroll back through, here are the links to all of my favorite things' stores online! I hope you enjoyed my top 10 Holiday gift ideas you can travel with, leave a comment if you were here and happy shopping!


Feliz Modern

Corkcicle Canteens + Whiskey Wedges

Animal Menagerie Kit

Glitterville Ornaments

Meri Meri Accessories for Kids

Woven Wall Baskets

Erica Maree Bags

Smarty Pants Mirrors


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Do you have some more holiday gift ideas to share? Comment in the comment bar below!



Melissa Evans