Julia Raye Design Co.

Julia is young and fun, and there should be no doubt about this after seeing her images! As makers normally do, she wanted to show a lot of behind the scenes so people can see there's a process to everything. It was also important to Raye that she be featured as the face of her business. It's awesome to be in some of your own personal branding product pictures; it shows an inside look into who you are and what your business is about. This is important for attracting your ideal client because it connects you to your story, then people can connect easily to you!

First, Headshots

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Of people's biggest fear of getting their picture taken is they think they're not "photogenic". First of all, there's no such thing! Okay, now that nasty little rumor is out of the way, if you want to add a little punch to your photos, I offer professional hair and makeup as an option for all of my clients! Imagine showing up to a salon (or even coming to the studio) for a makeover then simply waltzing into my studio space looking amazing for your personal branding photos?? I can set it all up for you like I did for Julie Raye! It may result in a little more confidence in your images, I know Raye was glowing in her pictures!

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Products, behind the scenes

The other important part of this session were the creations she is about to release on her Etsy Shop, Julia Raye Design Co. We made sure to style everything so it was fun, cozy, and fresh! Being "Pinterest worthy" or "Pinteresting" as some call it is very important right now for small business. Pinterest is a search engine for creatives, fashion, how-tos, and much more and is the future for small business branding. Raye wanted to keep a simple white background for these purposes whether it be white brick or a white seamless background so the attention was on her products and process. Having my studio downtown San Antonio, off Broadway avenue was a great central location for Raye to have her sessions, everything else in the studio was a bonus!

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Instagram / Pinterest Worthy

Julia also wanted some what I call, "filler images". These are images that still show your work, behind the scenes, or uplifting quotes that make for great Instagram worthy imagery that can also be shared on Pinterest. I style each flatlay image myself and use the items from the business to personalize it as well as pairing with items I provide, all based on your unique brand and colors.

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Click below for more images on my Instagram. More Personal Branding Images Here