So, you booked your holiday mini session, now what?

It's that wonderful time again, where you brave the outdoors for 20 whole minutes to get the perfect images for your holiday cards!

Here are 6 tips for preparing for a successful session to make things smooth for you and the photographer (me):

1. Look up color schemes to see what will look the best with your family and the background. Lay out the outfits to see if they look good together and even have your family put them on once. Since you get to cheat and actually see the environment beforehand (in the above pic), you can see there are vintage elements, red, silver, greys, and of course, grassy areas. I've created a Pinterest Inspiration Board for reference. Keep in mind, the Pinterest board has pins with color schemes, I realize it may not be exactly sweater weather the day of our session!

2. Bring a bag of items to bring with you. This may include but is not limited to snacks, water, extra diapers, bug spray (it's only 20 min, this is merely a suggestion), and shoes you don't mind getting a little dirty in case there's inclement weather the day before. Also, any toys or treats that will get any children's attention. Yes, this is the time to bribe your children! Make sure there's a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow of a session, it will help during the session.

3. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get to the location. Josobi's is a wedding venue located in Helotes, the map is to the right. If you arrive too late you could forfeit your slot. This is important so I don't get behind for any clients after you!

4. Understand your childrens' schedule. Try to schedule your session around times they are not normally napping... I think this one is self explanatory. You want your kids smiling and laughing during your session right? Enough said.

5. When you finally get to your session, relax! I know, easier said then done! These are moments with your family you should enjoy, let me do all the hard work. The more relaxed you and your family is, the better your images will be. Trust me on this. Even while you're getting ready to leave, try not to stress too much and leave yourself plenty of time to get ready to mitigate any of those negative feelings. Make it fun for the kids, give them a treat for afterwards to look forward to. This help. A lot. 

6. Communicate any expectations you may have. If you have a child with special needs or one that wanders away, please let me know. If you don't like being touched (we're talking moving hair from your eyes, or shoulder placements) or if you're not comfortable with public displays of affection, please communicate this. Sometimes I may have mom and dad kiss or shots of y'all kissing the kids on the cheek, etc. 

Please remember mini session flow very quickly but you may have ideas or ideas might come to me. I would love to entertain any of these you may have and I may also "wing it" with some things, I love and appreciate this and it makes the session fun and unique.

Now let's have fun! 



Minis will be held in the field at Josobi's in Helotes, Texas

17200 TX-16, Helotes, TX 78023


Josabi's Helotes, Texas